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Cycle_BThis has been yet another cycling year for Logista employees. Logista had two teams competing in the annual 265km Sani2C mountain bike race in May this year and twenty Logista staff members participated in the Beeld Children’s Fund Spinnathon in September.


As this year’s theme song by Avicii, The Nights, rang through our ears at the start of the Sani2C three day stage race, we were wondering whether the words “…went face to face with all our fears, learned our lessons through the tears, made memories we knew would never fade…” would be any indication of what lies ahead in this year’s event. All four of us, Heinrich, Attie, Gerhard and I have done this before and hopefully the lessons from our prior experiences would make this year somewhat easier. We knew the memories, especially the ones of riding a 30km downhill single track into the Umkomaas valley, the sight of the impressive Drakensberg Mountains you leave behind as you head down to the coast, and the first view and smell of the Indian Ocean on the last day would “never fade”!

This year has not been any different….

We faced our fears:

  • Attie’s fear of punctured lungs from crashing on fast rocky down hills
  • Gerhard’s fear of dehydration from one glass of wine the night before
  • Heinrich’s fear of Attie’s 2,400+ pre-event training km’s compared to his own 741 km’s
  • Jacques’s fear of the consequences of Gerhard trying to sleep on an inflatable cushion after a long day in the saddle

We learned our lessons:

  • Heinrich learned that Attie can’t be pushed up a hill
  • Gerhard learnt that “the outside line” in a fast corner on a sloping dirt road and the incorrect angle on wet rocks in a river crossing are synonym to the “tuck-and-roll” principle
  • Attie learnt that after 2,400 pre-event training km’s you CAN still have a blow out
  • Jacques learnt that you should always have a GoPro recording when riding behind Gerhard

We made memories that would never fade:

  • The spectacular view from behind when Gerhard hits a large mud pool at top speed on a fast downhill
  • The sight of amazement on Gerhard’s face when he realised he miraculously made it through the mud pool without falling
  • The manicured smooth and flowing tracks is any MTB’ers dream
  • The lengths the organisers go to to ensure an unforgettable experience for every rider, to the finest detail (for me, personally, the “proper” coffee on tap was the highlight.)
  • The enthusiasm of the local communities
  • The battle stories afterwards at dinner, especially after the tough day 2 (99km)

The Sani2C remains a must do MTB event, not the toughest out there, but certainly one that makes a lot of memories!

Cycling 1

From top left to right:

  1. A cold start at Underberg; 2. The tented village after day one; 3. Gerhard getting ready for the difficult day two;  4. Logista A-Team selfie;  5.  Gerhard getting to GRIPPPS with his Nando’s burger after the tough 30km climb out of the valley;  6.  Survival of the fittest;  7.   Nothing like a beer to sooth a bruised body; 8. Myself and Gerhard at our tent in the orchards at the start of day three; 9. The logista teams at the finish in Scottburgh!

Beeld Children’s Fund Spinnathon

All the action was at the Centurion Mall on 19 September where Logista participated in one of the biggest fundraising events for the Beeld Children’s Fund. Two Logista teams of 10 members each kick started spring with a relay spinning marathon from 7am to 5pm in 50 minute intervals. The atmosphere was alive with music and cheers from team members and the spinning instructors were inspired to reach new “mountainous” heights from all the excitement of the day.

The Beeld Children’s Fund is a charity organization that was established in 1977. Their mission is to raise funds to help underprivileged, disabled and abused children, as well as children affected by HIV/Aids in the spheres of emergency relief, education and life enrichment.

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