The women’s walk to freedom

Womens_BAs the sun rises on the 29th of August 2015, so does the excitement all over our beautiful Pretoria. It’s a pink pink here and a pink pink there. Here a pink there a pink everywhere a pink pink.

The people are coming together to support one cause: WOMEN. Ladies in pink, some with their friends, some alone, some even with their husbands dressed as women!

This year a few causes were added to the beneficiary list. The whole look of the spar women’s challenge also changed, showing a new era of powerful women.

Young girls also saw this as an opportunity to showcase their talents with different designs with their pink shirts.

All over the fields of Supersport Park are stalls from the different sponsors and general advertisers. We were welcomed at the Midcity Property Services stall, where Logista and Midcity came together. Just showing that this relationship goes beyond just auditing.

The walk started at 14:00. 10km went left and 5km went right. Different routes were planned out for the different distances.

We came across the most interesting people while walking. From guys in dresses to grandmothers walking with their canes. It was just amazing to experience women coming together for a worthy cause.


Even though there were more than  25 000 people you felt like everyone was walking beside you, it was great. It was something to be proud of!

Compiled by Janien van der Steenhoven

IMG-20150831-WA0000 IMG-20150831-WA0001








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