Urgent energy realities for the average commercial consumer – the time to act is now!

Since 2008, electricity and petroleum fuel prices have radically increased. The graph below shows how prices for commercial users have gone up by a factor of 400% or 4 fold!


Similarly over the past 5 years the reliability of energy supply has fallen drastically with examples being Eskom outages and even the major City Power municipal outages seen during September 2013. It is also not only electricity as LPG is often in short supply and at times diesel and other fuels. While all our commercial users of energy, from wine estates to factories may be aware of these increases and energy supply risks, we as Logista want to bring even more concerning facts to your urgent attention.

  • Electricity costs are set to continue rapidly increasing.

  • Further outages are likely in coming months and years.

  • The financial wellbeing of the electricity supply industry is burdened with massive debt for the construction of new power stations together with declining efficiency and huge unpaid electricity accounts by users – all putting further pressure on rising tariffs.

  • The liquid fuel sector has ageing refineries and is suffering from serious underinvestment, resulting in the need for increasing volumes of imported refined petroleum products.

Our single conclusion on this entire matter; is all end-users of electricity and other energies, especially all business enterprises, need to promptly make their own plans to deal with what is set to become a severe challenge to business with energy price and supply risks in the immediate future. It is of the utmost importance that businesses are told of this reality and are empowered to make & implement their own practical energy plans without delay. Such a plan must address managing rapid price escalations while also ensuring the business is never without the necessary energy to sustain it in times of power outages and liquid fuel shortages. These are not simple and straightforward matters for the average business owner or manager to deal with. Energy by its very nature is technical and there are many options and indeed even false claims being made by some about energy efficiency savings. We believe there is an urgent need for readily understandable impartial advice and guidance for business people, rather than the vested interests of energy or equipment suppliers. We wish to encourage our clients to deal with these business risks, as a matter of urgency, by becoming fully informed, ensuring your business has their own energy plan including implementable solutions in place. In this regard we have acquired on your behalf, energy information packed, short seminar directly aimed at empowering you the business owner or manager. The sooner you start the sooner you will be able to save on your energy costs and act providently for the future to ensure you are never without the vital energy so crucial to operating your business.   Please indicate your interest in attending an Integrated Energy Solutions seminar by clicking here.

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